Ndlovu Nutritional units

The first Ndlovu Nutritional Unit (NNU) was established in 1996 and three more strategically placed NNU’s soon followed, with a fifth recently at the Ndlovu Bloempoort Mini Campus. 1 out 4 children grow up stunted due to malnourishment.


The Ndlovu Pre-Schools apply the government approved Early Childhood Development approach, which is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education.

Chill hubs

The Ndlovu Chill Hubs were established to be the natural follow-up centre for school-going children and youth to attend. The Chill Hubs offer computer training, after school tutoring, IT training, a library, and a safe space to spend afternoons and school breaks with a full time Social Worker in attendance.

Orphaned & Vulnerable Children and Child Headed Households

In South Africa 3.7 million children are labelled as "Orphaned and Vulnerable Children" of which 150 000 live in "Child Headed Households". According to the different levels of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs children are provided with physiological, safety and security needs continuing towards normalization. The families in these households have been supplied with the means to develop and maintain vegetable gardens to be self-sufficient, but lack of skills and lack of access to water remain a problem to upkeep sustained gardens. These children continue to receive Ndlovu Social Work Services including assistance to secure official identity documents (many children lost parents before acquiring their ID’s), access social grants, which in most cases is the only source of income for the household. Most of these children have matured, found jobs, etc and are now documented citizens of SA and are still in the Ndlovu Child Care Program.

Arts & Culture

The Ndlovu Youth Choir was initiated in 2008 as part of the Ndlovu Child Care Programs. Children from the Moutse area are auditioned every year – to be chosen is a rare privilege. To excel at music and singing provides access to skills development reaching actualization of the child. Choir Master Ralf Schmitt is renowned as an African choral music specialist. His arrangements and compositions are regularly aired on television and radio and have been performed both locally and abroad. He has a passion for the preservation of traditional South African folk music and has arranged and recorded several traditional South African songs. Ralf has been training the youngsters for years and there are very few of them that do not see Ralf as life mentor and role model.
Ndlovu Youth Choir web site


Ndlovu Care Group’s view is that sports is a natural stepping stone for the individual and especially vulnerable children in the Maslow Hierarchy of needs towards a sense of belonging self-exploration and achievement.

Community Disability Program

The Ndlovu Rehab Centre opened its doors during the first quarter of 2017. The principle is to bring care not only to the children in the centre, but to the care givers and community. It de-stigmatises the community around cultural and common prejudices. The centre has admitted to its full capacity in the first three months. The children differ in severity of their disabilities from light mental disadvantages to severe double handicapped cerebral palsy. Ndlovu Care Group plans to construct two additional rehab centres in the near future.