All Ndlovu Community Development Programs are aligned with the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. This means that any given problem or need is addressed at the source of the problem, which, pertaining to the Ndlovu target group, usually has to do with physiologicalneeds such as water, food and housing.Regarding Community Development, Ndlovu Care Group has uplifted their target community with various projects, such as;* 53 strategically positioned boreholes with clean running water;
* Waste collection- and disposal services with six dumping sites from which around 600kg of waste is removed three times  per week;
* Community vegetable gardens and water projects;
* Given job opportunities and training to a great many community members at NCG;
* Various housing projects to restore and/or reinforce/ build houses for poverty stricken families;
* Disabled friendly sports facilities, including a gym are open to the public;
* Community and government support services, such as pension collect points, for the elderly.
* Food parcel, blanket, clothes, school uniforms distribution to the very needy.