Ndlovu Care Group offers occupational therapy services to children around Moutse valley.  As part of these services,  we have a holistic perspective, in which the focus is on adapting the environment to fit individuals with disa

bilities. Our beneficiaries are from financially disadvantage background. Families are not only faced with the poor financial circumstances but also caring for a child with disabilities. Homes of the beneficiaries often hider the child’s ability to move around a home and as a result become marginalized from other activities that take place in the home which for some might be taken for granted such as sitting and watching TV, Being outside for the sun and to spend time with the family, bathing and even sleeping safely & comfortably; this is due to how unsafe the electrical wiring are, lack of appropriate entrance/exist to the home, bathing systems that make it difficult for parents/care-givers o bath the children. Most families are aware of a need for modification but lack professional advice and funds on how to execute this effectively.

The beneficiaries are children around Moutse valley with physical disabilities (Focus is on those severely affected)

We do modifications of their living space to allow accessibility around the home and this may include ramps in case it’s difficult for a wheelchair to go though, the focus is also on areas where the child spend most of the day at to make them more comfortable and therapeutic. Modifications are not standard; they differ depending on each Child’s disability, the type of home they are from, their individual therapeutic needs and the home owner (in most cases, care-givers) willingness.

We have assessed 10 homes and successfully completed 2 homes.

  • Ndlovu Care Group utilises the ‘social model’ of integration of parental/care-taker training in the care for their disabled children. This is essential towards cost-effective and sustainable care and ultimately to enhance the quality of family life of the afflicted families;
  • Home Visiting Teams identify children at risk and enroll them in the program, or provide sensory stimulation and therapy to children who are too severely incapacitated to attend the day care centre;
  • The Centre is in Phooku . Facilities such as the Sports Centre, are additionally facilitated for rehabilitation  events