Ndlovu Care Group continues moving away from a crises based reactionary service towards focusing on effective risk assessment and prevention. The Ndlovu Child Care Program focuses on a range of services aimed at addressing the prevention, intervention and maintenance steps to promote normalised development and achievement of children up to the age they leave school and monitors development and assists young adults in the critical period after school during the process of preparing for employability.
Knowledge gained through extensive monitoring and evaluation of Ndlovu’s program outcomes widens the perspective and evidence that Ndlovu Care Group builds their programs on. In a community rife with poverty and associated medical and socio economic disadvantages,  Ndlovu's approach to problem solving is aligned with the Maslow hierarchy of needs, starting with adressing and maintenance of physiological needs of children, (housing, food and clothes), safety and security needs, love and belonging needs (schooling, and involvement in group activities such as sport, cultural activities, arts) building the childs' self esteem and actualisation of dreams and aspirations.  The ultimate goal is to prepare children to be healthy, responsible and employable adults.

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