TJOMMIE Foundation and Ndlovu Care Group

The TJOMMIE Foundation is a Dutch fundraising organization for the Children’s Programs of Ndlovu Care Group. The projects within the Children’s Programs are the responsibility of the Ndlovu Care Group
The TJOMMIE Foundation was established in 1999 by friends, family and other concerned parties following the departure of Hugo and Liesje Tempelman in 1994 to South Africa. The foundation raises funds through its network of involved people and friends. All inspired by the work of the Ndlovu Care Group and motivated to contribute towards creating even more opportunities for children growing up in townships of South Africa.
People and companies who are involved and see the results in South Africa share their network, giving their time and financial support for the TJOMMIE Foundation. In this way, the group of concerned friends grows and thus the fundraising.

TJOMMIE Ndlovu Children’s program

The TJOMMIE Ndlovu Children’s Programs have a variety of projects on various issues that children and young people face living in a township. The children receive support in various areas of everyday life. The program is based on an integrated approach which supports each child through the different phases of life and providing custom made solutions regarding physiological, health related and social welfare of the child.
These include firstly their basic needs such as a sturdy house and warm clothing, food and water, then making sure that their safety and security needs are provided for. Children are then provided with the means to attend school without suffering the stigma of orphan-hood. With education comes self-esteem, confidence and the respect of others. Ultimately, the aim is towards self-actualization of the child.
The programs provide support and motivation and inspire children to fully develop themselves towards reaching healthy and responsible adulthood with the prospect of a successful future
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