Ndlovu Care Group was founded in 1994 as a medical facility.  Ndlovu Care Group is registered as Ndlovu Medical Trust which was established in 1999.  Ndlovu Medical Trust is a registered NGO (registered in 2002) and Public Benefit Organisation.

Our vision is to provide opportunities and hope with innovative Healthcare, Childcare and Community Development developed by means of comprehensive Research.

The mission of Ndlovu Care Group is to advance the rural communities that we are active in with

through a uniquely researched and evidence based developed model that is aligned with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and the National Strategic Plan for South Africa (NSP).

Ndlovu Care Group has its head offices in Groblersdal and is operational in two sites: the first is 30km from Groblersdal in Elandsdoorn in the Moutse Valley, serving a community of 100 000 people.  The second is Bhubezi in the Bushbuckridge catchment area, Mpumalanga, serving a community of around 120 000 people. 

All, but the professional staff, are recruited from the communities and receive in-service training.

Comprehensive Child Care Programs include 4 Nutritional Units, 3 Pre-Schools, Child care courses for child care takers, care of children living in child headed households.  Ndlovu has built 21 houses for children living in child headed households and has upgraded numerous homes for such children.  We encourage youth and children to attend after-school classes to overcome the barriers that matric failure set at an after-school centre, the Chill Hub. The Chill Hub has classrooms, a library, TV rooms, a social worker, life-skills facilitators, a career advisor and the Ndlovu IT Training Centre with internet café.
In an attempt to develop and nurture talent amongst the youth and children, Ndlovu Care Group established the Ndlovu Youth Choir.  The Choir has paved the way to successes for all its members through discipline, endurance and the development of self-esteem. The Choir has a track record of no school drop-outs and a minimal amount of teen-age pregnancies contributing towards their scholastic achievements: they are role models for the youth in our area. The Ndlovu Youth Choir's popularity is such, that they have been invited to perform not only in prestigious venues in South Africa, but also abroad. 

The Ndlovu Community Health Care programs offer integrated PHC/TB/HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Reproductive Health and Palliative Care.  Additional services offered include cervical screening, PMTCT, on-site labs, X-Ray facilities and pharmacies and preventative counseling.  An Audiology Program was launched in 2014 and serves the Moutse Community, with new-born hearing screening, school screenings, diagnostic tests and ototoxicity screening.  Outreach services widen the spectrum and footprint of Ndlovu to farms and other clinics.

As part of the Community Development Programs in an underserved community, Ndlovu has a waste collection and disposal service with six dumping sites from which around 600kg of waste is removed three times per week.  Additionally, Ndlovu has erected 43 boreholes strategically positioned, with clean running water. Disabled friendly sports facilities, including a gym are open to the public.  A amphitheater, the Miracle Theatre is open to the public, and have hosted international performing artists and offers multiple SASSA services to the community. Ndlovu additionally offers dental services to the community’s learners, including screenings, dental cleanings and minor treatments with a roving dental truck.

All programs planned at Ndlovu are evidence based and with years of research, Ndlovu has established itself as the ideal Research Programs partner. The Ndlovu Research Consortium is a collaboration between Ndlovu Care Group, Utrecht University (NL), and the University of Witwatersrand (RSA) to research the medical and social aspects of HIV and treatment outcomes in a rural setting such as Elandsdoorn, Moutse. 
The Ndlovu Research Consortium has four major disciplines: 1. program evaluation, 2. academic research in all its aspects, 3.product development, 4.contribution towards policy development and guideline improvement, nationally and internationally.

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