ZERO babies born with AIDS.... ZERO AIDS deaths.... ZERO new infections.... ZERO stigma!


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Ndlovu Care Group is an innovative, multi award winning community development
group that has been operating in rural areas in South Africa since 1994.  
We strive towards sustainable upliftment through community mobilisation.
The group initiated the development of the model in 1994 in the Elandsdoorn Township, Limpopo Province and aligned their objectives with the Millennium Development Goals, to assure validity and applicability in the broader context of poverty relief. The second site opened in 2007 in Lillydale, Mpumalanga, proving that replication is possible, economically viable and successful. The third site has just been completed.
The foundation of the replication is built on partnerships. Partnerships are based on cooperation between Government, Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, a wide range of international donors, the public sector involvement and the Ndlovu Care Group.
The Ndlovu model divides operational activities into four broad groups: Community Health Care, Community Development Programs, Childcare Programs and Research Programs
The impressive Ndlovu site boasts amongst others an
excellent clinic that includes on site dedicated HIV monitoring laboratory, a maternity hospital, digitalized X-ray, IT infra structure, an audiology clinic, two research centres, sports grounds with gymnasium and disabled sports facilities, an after-school Chill Hub, amphitheatre with music academy, nutritional units with pre-schools, water and waste projects and numerous entrepreneurial efforts.


Impumelelo’s SANNSI Network
The Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre is a non-profit organisation which rewards social innovations designed through public-private partnerships that reduce poverty and address key developmental issues of national concern. Impumelelo identifies, rewards, and promotes good governance and service delivery through an annual awards programme, based on rigorous evaluation which becomes the basis for case study research, policy analysis, training workshops and replication. After fourteen years of awarding social innovations and best practice, Impumelelo has developed an impressive informal network of Social Innovators who as award winners are used to train municipal and elected officials and civil society leaders in skills development master classes, to contribute their knowledge and resources to our think tanks, to university business schools, and to all spheres of government. The South African National Network of Social Innovators (SANNSI) is an initiative established by Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre in 2013 as a national network of all Impumelelo’s awardees since the first award cycle in 1999. In the face of limited private sector and governmental funding support, the goal is to strengthen and consolidate the network into sector-based communties of best practice; to improve public service delivery; to increase our ability to mobilize funding collectively and to influence government and the private sector to help us take innovative projects, to scale.