The community of Ntwane will for the first time benefit from a well-equipped gym of its kind. The gym will provide an opportunity to the community to take part in aerobics and weight lifting. Ntwane is a very small rural village with no proper water infrastructure and sewage system. The youth in the area can be seen walking around the streets and standing at the street corners due to unemployment. The gym will be providing an opportunity for the youth to pursue various careers by developing their physical strength and mental stability. A good example is Sello who because of his determination and self-driven attitude as a young man, the gym was funded by the good friends of ours. Sello will be an instructor and manager of the gym. The gym will create jobs for the youth in the area at least few people will be needed to keep the gym professional and clean.In the photos Sello who is the beneficiary can be seen taking part in the building process of the gym. He is very hands on and always willing to learn new skills including brick laying and mud mixing.The gym is scheduled to open later this year

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