It was yet another busy Friday at the Ndlovu Medical centre with patients receiving high level professional service. The medical centre is still open and it will continue to provide primary health care and family care to the people of Moutse and surrounding areas. Ndlovu medical centre is well equipped with trained professional staff from the reception to the consulting rooms. Even though the HIV and TB program have changed, the Ndlovu medical centre continue to offer its services to the patients on medical aids and anyone who is willing to get medical service.

The Ndlovu team organized a wellness day at a local church and the aim was to educate the community and the elderly people about health issues. Topics included hearing problems, our Audiology team was also present with their mobile booth and they screened 24 people between the age of 15 and 59 years. During the screening at least 16 people were referred to the audiology department for a comprehensive tests. The emphasis was made on the availability of hearing services and people were advised to visit Ndlovu in case of any ear damages or hearing loss so that they can get help.

Ndlovu medical centre  is still open and operating, our Mobile Dental Truck and Audiology Mobile booth are always available for any one with hearing or teeth problems. We encourage the community to contact Ndlovu to find out about the next visit to their villages. Ndlovu cares for the community of Moutse and surrounding areas and with pleasure it continues to serve the community.

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