A wise man once said “if you have not described it, you have not done it”.

The Ndlovu Research Consortium is a unique collaboration between Universities and a rural NGO; the participants are Witwatersrand University (RSA), Utrecht University (The Netherlands) and Ndlovu Care Group as the rural NGO with access to a research population. The combination of a university from a developed country, a university from a middle income country and the rural research site provides unique opportunity to academical exchange and interchange. Local students from South Africa are exposed to universities in the developed world and the other way around. It is a cultural, academical and knowledge exchange strengthening all parties.

The uniqueness of the Ndlovu Research Consortium is the mix between academic research and trial research.

The academic research’s backbone is the Ndlovu Cohort Study: 2000 participants of which 1000 are HIV + and 1000 HIV-. This makes that we have a research population with a control group. It is a longitudinal study to show the relationship between HIV and non-communicable diseases.

The Cohort is the backbone of our research and provides the possibility to develop more in depth follow up studies

  • ITREMA study: Compare treatment outcomes between normal and more intensified monitoring.
  • Homelink study: Linkage of early HIV detection to care through testing in the households.
  • HAND study: The relationship between HIV+ and depression.
  • NORAST study: Reliability of HIV self-testing.
  • DM Alert study: Relationship between HIV and Diabetes.

And as time goes on new ideas are developed and formulated in to research questions and new research protocols

Clinical Trials implies studies to be done in cooperation with sponsor partners who have a commercial interest in product development. The Ndlovu Research Consortium has decided to participate in trials which serve a community health interest in the fields of HIV/TB and the non-communicable diseases. At this stage we participate in two trials:

  • HVTN705: An HIV vaccination study on HIV negative women.
  • IPM032: An HIV microbicide prevention study on HIV negative women.

Ndlovu Care Group has built research facilities of high quality in the rural environment they work. A wide and spacious research centre with a research Pharmacy and a world class research Laboratory.

As the Ndlovu Research Consortium develops from strength to strength we would like to be involved in more trials and expand on our research laboratory capacity.