Tjommie Blesses Bloempoort Community with a Netball Court!


The 20th of October 2018 was a very auspicious day for the community of Bleompoort as it marked the official opening of the Bloempoort Netball Court which was sponsored by the Tjommie Foundation from Netherlands, an NPO which takes childhood development very serious.

The community attended the event in numbers to celebrate this fruitful contribution as now young girls from the area will have a proper and safe place to practice and play netball. The day was fun-filled with loads of activities and we were also graced by the presence of the Chief of the area, whom thanked both Ndlovu Care Group and the Tjommie foundation for their undying commitment to the development of Bloempoort.

The netball court is an addition to the Soccer Court, Chill Hub, Nutritional Unit and Pre-School services which are already available at the Bleompoort Campus.

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